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Maxiflex lures are developed and field-tested in Hawaii by fishermen in Hawaii

     There are three basic shapes of Maxiflex lures: Straight strips, Tako and Worm as shown below approximately twice life size in the color Lime Green.  All lures are transparent, come in different colors w/wo glow strip and w/wo glitter.  An article in Hawaii Fishing News November 2007 issue by Steven Miyasato gives setup details for menpachi (soldier fish) fishing using these lures.  Although more expensive and fragile than the "scrounger" lures, these are generally thought to be much more effective for catching menpachi;  these are "finesse" lures requiring more care in setup and presentation. 

       The Maxiflex Straight Strips are 2 3/8" long, 1/8" wide, and 1/16" at the thick end tapering to 1/32" at the thin end.  They come 12 pieces to a package.  Both white glow tip (thick end) and continuous colors are in this series. 
     Glitter series color names are: Hurricane (clear w/ red/white/blue glitter); Blue Dust (blue/green w/ small blue glitter); Blue Patriot (blue w/ red/white/blue glitter); Gold Nugget (yellow/brown w/ gold glitter); Clear Silver (clear w/ silver glitter); Blue Glitter (Blue Green w/ large blue glitter); Black Gold (Grey w/ gold glitter); Spanish Dancer (orange/brown w/ red/gold glitter).
     The Chameleon series (light Blue, light Green, light Purple) have an opalescent look to the color.
     There are also glitter-free strips with similar colors to the Glitter Series.


     The Maxiflex Tako series lures have a three-legged body with a total length of 1 1/8".  They come 8 pieces to a package.  The body and legs are ~ equal in length.  The lure is 1/4" wide and 1/16" thick.  Colors include Green Jade, Clear Ice and Hurricane (clear w/ red/white/blue glitter).  These lures have a narrow luminescent line down the center of the body.   Glow in the dark colors include Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Lime Green and Green Jade.


      The Maxiflex Worm series lures have a body that tapers both in thickness and length.  They come 8 pieces to a package.  The head has two small horns and is ribbed on the top.  The length is 1 3/4", head width is 3/16" and tail width is 1/16".  Glow in the dark colors include Lime Green, Hot Pink, Blue Ice, Hurricane, White Ice and Green Jade.


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