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Terminal Tackle Listing

     Shore casting is more than just throwing a lure out and hoping that something will be interested in it.  The following items allow the angler to fine-tune his approach for particular targets with a precision not seen before.  

S. Tokunaga's Floater Style Fishing Floaters - Suggested Uses

     Egg Floater - Length is 2.25".


     Stem Floater for Lunker Light - plastic tubing can be fit to the end of the floater stem and a lunker light inserted in the tubing for night-time fishing.  Total length is 5".


     Illuminated Night-time Floater - This National Brand water resistant floater has a small light powered by a single AA battery.  Two different color inserts are included for different lighting conditions or fish species.


S. Tokunaga's Whipping Style Casting Weights and Floaters - Suggested Uses

     All Foam & Weighted Foam Casting Floaters - These surface floaters are highly visible (fluorescent red paint) and attract fish attention with color and noise.  They come in various lengths and weights to suit a variety of whipping situations.

(2" - 3/8 oz)  (3" - 3/4 oz)  (3" - 1.25 oz)  (5" - 1.9oz)

     Clear Plastic, Hollow Water-filling Floaters - These whipping floaters can be filled with water to varying degrees to adjust the floater weight for different casting conditions.  The center stem is hollow and can be loosened to let water in;  these floaters are usually rigged with monofilament line going through the stem and a swivel on both ends of the line.

Small size (1.5")     Larger size (2.5") 

Solid Plastic Casting Weights

     Made in Hilo, Hawaii, SNL resin balls offer an intriguing approach toward lure presentation.  SNL resin balls are about 1 1/2" long, come in both clear and "glow-in-the-dark" versions and have swivels at both ends.  They are made from clear polyester resin and contain different sized lead weights.  These casting weights are designed to sink through the water at different speeds.  This variable sinking rate allows the shore angler to fish in different conditions of water depth and sea roughness and still present the lure in the desired manner.  They come in the following models:  all resin, 1/4 oz insert, 1/2 oz insert, 3/4 oz insert and 1 oz insert.


Frequently Used Hook Types - Suggested Uses

     In Hawaii, there are at least four common hook types used:  The BKN hook (left) is a type of circle hook generally used for dunking and deeper bottom fishing;  the AH hooks and MZ hooks are generally used for floater fishing and whipping;  the Mustad 7766 hook is often used for shallow bottom fishing and floater fishing.  Note how the hook bend progresses from more circular on the left to more open toward the right.  

Clicking on any one of the individual hook pictures below will take you to a page describing hook sizes, numbers per package and prices.

StrikeLite Glow Sticks

1 1/2" size;  2" size;  3" size

Fishing Butler / Bundler Rod Organizer - This is a simple and clever device for organizing two and three piece rods.  

2 - 2" long loops;  2 - 8" long loops


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