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2016 Ulua Challenge Contest Information

      Please pick up entry forms at S. Tokunaga Store, Inc. or by downloading the forms below.


Dates, Times, and Location:

         Start: Thursday, June 9, 2016* 6:00 am

         End: Sunday, June 12, 2016* 11:00 am

         Location:  Big Island Shoreline Only

         Weigh-In Date & Time: Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 11:00am-1:00pm* (*change in time)

         Weigh-In Location:  Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium

         *Awards ceremony to follow weigh-in*  

Rules and Regulations:  

1.      The “Honor System” will be observed during the tournament

2.      All fishing must be done with a rod and reel outfit

3.      Each fish must be hooked, fought, and brought to gaff by one person.

4.      Another person may assist by shining a light to guide the angler to where he/she is walking/ fighting a fish.

5.     Usage of floatation devices ex: trash bags, plastic bottles, condoms, balloons, kites,  etc; or anchoring devices are not permitted.

6.      You may “hang-bait” using a rod & reel.  A secondary line may be used but must break away on impact.  Any other forms of “hang-bait” are prohibited.

7.      If a fish becomes tangled with another line, and brought up by both lines, the fish will be automatically disqualified.

8.     Sharks, eels, turtles, rays, and mammals do not qualify.  (Not limited to)

9.     Any mutilated fish will be disqualified from the tournament.

              -All fish will be inspected before weighing.

              -All fish must be fresh-no frozen fish will be accepted.

              -All fish must be in edible condition-no rotten fish will be accepted.

10.   Swimming bait or lines out with surf/boogie boards or any type of floatation device are prohibited.

11.  Every entrant is limited to the Big Island Shoreline only.

12.   Unnatural items such as ice, hooks, bait, line, and sinkers, must be removed from the fish by the angler before it is weighed.

13.  Each entrant is limited to 4 rod/reel outfits in the water at the same time during the tournament.            

General Information:

1.  Refreshments and awards will be presented after weigh in.

2.  T-shirts may be picked up at Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium on June 12, 2016 or at S. Tokunaga Store, Inc. from June 13, 2016 - July 31, 2016.

*If you are a late entry you may not be able to pick up your T-shirt at tournament weigh-in.  You will be notified when your shirt is ready to be picked up at S. Tokunaga Store, Inc.

3.  Each entrant must abide by the rules and regulations set by S. Tokunaga Store, Inc., anyone in violation of any rule or regulation may be disqualified.

4.  Each contestant is eligible to win one place per category.        

5.  If two fish, caught by two different anglers are the same weight, determining factors will be in the following order:

            -Length of the fish (fork length)

            If weight and length are identical…..

            -Girth of the fish

            If weight, length, and girth are identical…..

            -Time weighed (first fish weighed)

6.  Lucky Number-You must be present to win lucky number prizes     


Entry Fee and Side Jackpot

Every contestant’s $50.00 entry fee and all $10.00 optional jackpot must be paid in full as application is submitted.

-All returned checks are subject to a $20.00 service fee.

-All returned checks and service fees must be paid for before May 20, 2016.


*$50.00 Entry Fee (T Shirt, Pupu Ticket, & Lucky Number)

·             Largest Ulua 1-10   (20 lbs minimum at weigh-in)

·             Largest Omilu 1-10   (10 lbs minimum at weigh-in)

*$10.00 Optional Jackpot Ulua-5 Largest Ulua of Jackpot Entrants
1st – 5th place

 *$10.00 Optional Jackpot Omilu-5 Largest Omilu of Jackpot Entrants
1st – 5th place


Barbless Circle Hook Challenge   

Grand Prize Custom Wrapped IRW Slider Rod For Barbless Hook Winner!!

            If you are like most fishermen, and fishing is your passion, then the one thing you would want is to catch more fish.  Have you ever broken a line on a big strike?  Do you ever ask yourself if the fish survived after being hooked?  If your answer is yes, what percentage of fish do you think survived?  Many responsible fishermen in the islands are making changes to their fishing practices to ensure the fish population will be preserved for our future generations.  One change fishermen are taking is the use of barbless hooks.

            One advantage to using a barbless circle hook versus a barbed circle hook is that it can be less injurious to a fish or any other sea life that is hooked.  If the fish breaks off with a barbless hook in its mouth, the hook will probably dropout a lot quicker than if it had a barbed hook in its mouth, causing less stress and less risk for mortality.  This in turn will increase the chances that a missed fish would survive to not only reproduce, but to possibly be caught another day.  Another advantage of using a barbless hook is that if a protected sea creature such as the monk seal or the green sea turtle are accidentally hooked, the chances of the hook falling out, increasing their survival, is much greater.  A third advantage to using a barbless hook is that it makes releasing a fish much easier.  There will be less struggle by the fisherman to remove the hook, creating less time for the fish to be out of the water and increasing its chance of survival.  And lastly, the use of the barbless hooks by fishermen sends a clear message that we are concerned and responsible stakeholders in fishery.

            In the old days, circle hooks did not have barbs, yet they were very effective in catching fish, just as your father or grandfather.  The National Marine Fisheries Service has conducted side-by-side research that proved that a barbless circle hook is just as successful in hooking a fish as a barbed circle hook.  Drop by at the barbless hook display at the weigh-in to see the results of this study.  We would like to invite all of you to try using barbless circle hooks during this tournament and see the results for yourself. 


Rules & Regulations: 

*Anglers must be entered in the 2016 Ulua Challenge to participate in the Barbless Circle Hook Category.

*Anglers must enter in the category at time of entry registration

*Anglers must use a barbless circle hook to catch qualifying fish.  The barb on the circle hook must be crushed down or filed off (fisherman’s choice) to render it “barbless”.

(Do not remove barbless hook from fish. Hook must be present at weigh-in.)

*Weigh-in as many fish as you want that were caught by a barbless circle hook.  Fish must meet the State legal requirements.

*Only Ulua or Omilu will be eligible for this division.  (You may catch other fish and give the information to the Barbless circle hook team that will be present at the weigh-in)

*All qualifying fish will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize. (Note: not subject to largest fish weighed in.)

*All entered anglers in the Barbless Hook category will be eligible for prizes.  


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